Documentary (for tweens)
Year: 2013
Duration: 5×15 min.
Broadcaster: Danish Broadcast Corporation.

This award winning miniseries for tweens about their peers in conflict-ridden Afghanistan tells the stories of Layla, Wali, Asadagha, Faridullah and Machgan who are all 11 and 12 years.

Epilogue Faridullah’s Day Off

“Faridullahs Day Off” is a film in the series Faith Hope Afghanistan. When it was shown in schools in the Czech Republic, the children spontaneously started a small collection to get Faridullah in school. Various Danish contributors then supported this initiative. The result can be seen in this short film.

The chinese are coming


In Malawi, Patrick – a journalist – is annoyed with the entrepreneurial Chinese, who are swarming the African continent and dumping their shoddy goods on the Africans.

A Diagnosed Boy

Year: 2012
Dur.: 40:00 min.
Broadcaster: Danish Broadcast Corporation

Lars is the father of 13-year-old Silas, who has extensive developmental disorders.

Islands of Prosperity

Year: 2014

A historical overview of how the market economy alternates between periods of more or less inequality.

Nicaragua – Dictatorship restored?

Year: 2011
Dur.: 52 min.

Managua, Spring 2011: While the opposition protests President Daniel Ortega’s unconstitutional run for re-election, the latter seizes control over government institutions, courts and judges and terrorizes dissenters to reach his goal.

Cops with a Mission

Year: 2010
Dur.: 58:00 min.
Broadcaster: Danish Broadcast Corporation

Two experienced Danish criminal investigators travel to Afghanistan to help their Afghan colleagues.

Afghanistan at Work & Educating Afghanistan

Year: 2010
Dur.: 2×28:30
Broadcaster: Danish Broadcast Corporation

In times of unrest ordinary Afghans are struggling to get ahead.

Countries in a hot Spot

Year: 2009
Dur.: 2×28:30
Broadcaster: Danish Broadcast Corporation

Two films on the social consequences of global warming on three continents, Africa, Asia and Europe.

From Brothel to Bridehood

Documentary 28:30
Year 2007/2009

In a shelter in Mumbai we meet girls, who were sold into prostitution by their own families.

The Winners of Globalisation

Documentary 3 x 30 min.
Year: 2008

(co-production with Danish Broadcasting Corporation). A series on Indian granite tycoons, businessmen and high-riders.

The untouchables

Documentary, 5×28:30

5 individual documentaries (5×28:30) on social and religious discrimination of untouchables.

City of cigars, Kingdom of clothes & Banana republic

3 documentaries (28’) on workers’ rights in developing countries.