(co-production with Danish Broadcasting Corporation). A series on Indian granite tycoons, businessmen and high-riders. One of the films provided a top story in the news about how the CSR-codec of major DIY chain-stores in reality was a cover for horrible working conditions for Indian granite workers. Another film in the series -“The King of Calls” – is a humorous story about the disastrous outset of new Indian call centre, selling copy ads for “The Yellow Pages”. Sold to: PBS-TV USA, Australia, Israel, Portugal, Greece, Poland, The Film Makers Library, New York and the Scandinavian countries.

The Sydney Morning Herald wrote: ”Director Jens Pedersen has created a compelling, sad and eye-opening slice of globalisation’s impact”.

The Winners of Globalisation

Documentary 3 x 30 min.
Year: 2008

Broadcaster: Danish Broadcating Corporation, American PBS-TV, SBS Australia and other.